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This highly efficient biomass boiler provides high quality steam. No matter what your steam demand is, this boiler can meet it in little to no time.

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If you are looking for boilers with higher capacity, twin furnace boilers are perfect for you. Long lasting and works with minimal stress.

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The oil fired boiler will lower your costs considerably. This boiler will impress you with its high durability and incredible energy efficiency.

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At Michael Reason Boilers, we are devoted to providing you with the best products and services. We use all the latest machinery and testing facilities to deliver you the product you need and deserve.

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We are very devoted to providing high-quality maintenance to our customers.

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What Are Boiler Maintenance Costs and Benefits?

Numerous articles have discussed the many benefits of boiler preventative maintenance programs. Many articles have explained why preventative maintenance programs are so beneficial for building managers. These programs improve safety, minimize downtime, decrease replacement costs, and reduce energy and water consumption.

Before implementing a plan, an owner or manager of a building should still consider whether the program is worthwhile, taking into account the cost.

Preventative maintenance programs for boilers are most beneficial if the failure rate of the system, as well as the cost of the program, are less than the cost of repairs or other corrective action, according to the Facilities.net article.

However, corrective costs for corrective actions can be hard to quantify because they may also include lawsuits resulting from safety concerns or customer dissatisfaction. While a preventative program generally costs less over time, corrective expenses may rise.

The cost of repair increases when there is a greater need to replace the system. Older boiler systems operate at between 55% to 80% efficiency rates, reports CNT Energy. However, newer systems offer efficiency levels of up 97%.

Because dirty boiler tubes kill efficiency no matter whether the system is old or new, building managers should include boiler tube cleaners as part of their preventative maintenance plans.

CNT Energy has the following advice for you to decide if it’s time to change your boiler.

  1. Consider sizing. Boilers should always be sized according to the building. Oversized boilers might only operate at a partial capacity, which can lower combustion. However, smaller boilers won’t heat the building as efficiently.
  2. The expected efficiency increase for a boiler replacement is known. An old boiler operating at a low-efficiency level can be converted to 80% efficiency for significant energy savings.
  3. It is worth researching the costs of replacing the old boiler with a brand new one. It will vary according to the type of boiler and the materials involved.
  4. You don’t need a boiler replaced if it is less than 20-years old unless there are major problems. However, it’s worth measuring the combustion effectiveness. This may vary between old and new models. Older models can run for 20 years without any efficiency problems while newer boilers may have lower efficiency. You can read more about calculating combustion efficiency here.

Boilers can also be retrofitted, which is another option that could save money. Modernizing boilers can increase their efficiency. It is worth considering the cost of retrofits.

A retrofit is not advisable if the replacement will be within a few years. You can also install new heating equipment to ensure the best possible heating technology.

What is involved in a boiler service?

Many aspects are involved in a boiler service. A visual inspection of the boiler and pipework will be performed to make sure that it is properly installed.The experts will inspect your boiler to ensure it is working properly and point out any problems.They will then remove the boiler case to inspect its components. They will inspect the boiler to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

These are the things that an engineer will inspect:

  • Proper gas pressure and flow
  • Flue gas analysis and combustion. To ensure that the boiler is burning the correct mixture of gaseous and air, and that the flue does not become blocked, a flue gas analyser is used.
  • Good condition electrical connections
  • Fans and other key components work efficiently
  • Seals can be kept intact
  • The condition of the electrodes is excellent
  • Safety devices are inspected
  • Condensate trap is open and pipe is unblocked
  • Pipework for water and gas

During their inspections, the specialist will tell you if your boiler is not compliant with safety and building regulations.The specialist should explain any maintenance or repairs they are required to make and that any parts purchased come from a reliable manufacturer, best of all from the boiler manufacturer.

A boiler service should take approximately half an hour. You should also receive a complete report.You should only sign the report if you are satisfied with all aspects of the boiler service.

Boiler service, why is it important?

Boiler maintenance can be neglected and lead to increased fuel costs as the boiler becomes less efficient.There are other serious problems that could arise. A boiler that is not properly serviced can lead to significant damage and even death.

A qualified boiler expert should service your boiler once per year to avoid any potential problems. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly.Regular boiler service contracts are affordable and provide additional peace of mind.

Boilers don’t work as hard in summer so it’s more likely that they will fail in autumn. The weather is cooler and the heating circuits of neglected boilers are brought back to life.
To prepare for winter, it’s a good idea that your boiler is serviced in the spring or summer. Service engineers will be more busy during this time.

Is it worth having an old boiler serviced?

Many people often ask the question is it worth having an old boiler serviced? First, there are some key questions you should ask. Is the boiler properly maintained? Are they serviced every year? Is the boiler having problems? Is the boiler still in good condition?

Sometimes, it would cost the same, or more, to repair an older boiler than installing a brand new one.

You should also consider that gas bills can be significantly higher than those of someone who has a more efficient boiler.

It is possible to save money by switching to a newer model/make of boiler.

You might also contact your energy supplier to negotiate lower bills. Let them know that you think you are paying more than your neighbors.

However, being ‘liberal’ but not too strict with heating can indicate that your bills are higher than they should be.

While a newer boiler might be more expensive upfront, the savings you make on your bills could offset that investment in the long-term.

Because of the legal requirements, many companies refuse to work with older boilers.

A service technician cannot use old or improperly refurbished parts when servicing a gas boiler. It is difficult to find new parts for old boilers.

High efficiency condensing boilers have been installed in the UK and the US for the past 15 years. These boilers use very different parts from the non-condensing models.

Engineers won’t just refuse to work with older boilers because they pose a risk to their safety, but technicians may also refuse to service newer models that have inherent dangers.

If your boiler becomes dangerous or if it cannot be repaired immediately, the boiler will immediately be shut off.

An older boiler that has failed during winter can often be replaced by a proactive replacement. It could take weeks for a new boiler to be available. You can keep the working system’s continuity by replacing it proactive.

New condensing boilers are more efficient than older non-condensing models. Even if you have a $1,300 gas bill for 12 months, you can save up to 25% on your heating bills by installing a new boiler.

A typical new boiler can cost between $3,000 and well over $15,000, depending on your situation and the type of boiler you choose.

In the worst case scenario, your boiler will likely pay for itself in ten years with substantially reduced carbon emissions.

It is recommended that you replace your boiler every 15 year because an older boiler will work harder to heat your home.

A new boiler will run at maximum efficiency, which means that it will use less fuel to heat your home. This will reduce heating costs.

Many households are advised to purchase boiler coverage in order to avoid expensive repairs and call-out fees.

However, recent research has revealed that paying out monthly for the cover may not be worth it.

In reality, it is better for consumers to pay for repairs and services when they are needed.

According to the report, even if customers had to have a boiler repaired every year for ten years, they would still be around $2,000 more financially than if they had taken out annual boiler coverage.

But, homeowners should consider whether they are able to pay for repairs in advance if their boiler breaks down.

The Various Types Of HVAC Boilers You Can Find

Fuel-Burning Device

What is an HVAC boiler? It’s a heating appliance that takes the air from inside a building and blows it out into the air. This type of appliance can be found in homes, businesses, and public buildings worldwide. There are several different types of HVAC boilers, each of which can perform its job differently.

Fuel-Burning Device

The most common type of HVAC boiler is the fuel-burning device. These units burn kerosene or propane to provide heat to the room. The only downside is that these require a steady supply of fuel and regular tank cleaning up.

Condensing Boiler

Condensing Boiler

A condensing boiler is capable of providing heat to the room using water rather than gas. Unlike the fuel-burning type, a condensing unit does not need a steady supply of gas or oil. It utilizes the heat from the water in the pipes to heat the air.

Hydronic Boiler

A hydronic boiler uses the heat from the heat exchanges within the panels to generate hot water instead of heat. In doing so, it does not need any outside power. The hot water is distributed to the house through the water pipes.
Some models are so well insulated that they can even provide hot water without any outside electricity. These are generally less expensive to operate and do not have the maintenance problems associated with the other two types.

Hydronic Boiler

Thermal Gas Boiler

A thermal gas boiler heats water by burning natural gas or oil. These units are highly reliable and also relatively low-cost. They work by using the same principles as the hydronic type but they are much more energy-efficient
The heated water is then distributed to the home either by gravity or via vents. The venting system is simple. These boilers do not get quite as hot as the other two types, but they tend to generate enough heat to keep a substantial portion of a home comfortable.

Hybrid Boiler

Hybrid Boiler

The third type is the hybrid boiler. This boiler combines features from both the previous two. The heat from the previous combustion sources is used to generate the electricity needed for operation. For homeowners who are trying to minimize their carbon footprint, this boiler would be the best option. They use renewable gas instead of fossil fuel, which is a much cleaner fuel.

All the Things You Need to Consider

There are several things to consider when purchasing an HVAC boiler. First of all, the size is a huge factor – how much water and heat can a particular unit handle? Next, what are the warranties given to the homeowner? Finally, what is the likelihood of needing to replace the heating element anytime in the future?

A gas furnace can work in conjunction with an electric furnace. This means that the gas furnace can run continuously without interruptions due to low electric power. As long as the gas furnace is running, you will not be concerned with the power outages. However, if you plan to move, be prepared for the furnace to break down occasionally. There are warranties for both types of furnaces. Make sure to find one that covers your specific situation.

You should consider purchasing a commercial HVAC system. They’re available for small businesses and commercial businesses of all sizes. The cost varies depending on the size and type of system you purchase. The bigger the building, the more expensive the system will be. If you have a small building, consider purchasing a stand-alone unit. You’ll save money on installation costs and be able to use natural gas.

A heat pump can be installed by anyone who has some basic carpentry skills. Many companies offer heat pump installation. Be sure to research each company and decide which is right for you. You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.


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