About Us

Michael Reason & Partners LLP is constituted as a firm of English Solicitors with its place of business in London England. Its lawyers are mostly but not all English solicitors. Michael Reason himself was originally admitted to the New Zealand Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor, presently practices as a New Zealand barrister and is also an English Solicitor.

Some of the firms lawyers are English barristers operating as consultants. All of the firms lawyers have worked abroad during their careers and most of them presently work from time to time outside the UK.

The firm has expertise in domestic English law matters including property, company and dispute resolution. Much of its work and expertise concerns matters either taking place outside the UK altogether or taking place between the UK and somewhere else.

The firm has close connections with clients and corresponding professionals in the following states: The United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Isle of Man, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, the UAE, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and China. We have staff who speak the following languages: English, French, Polish, Mandarin, Bengali and Urdu .