What is involved in a boiler service?

Many aspects are involved in a boiler service. A visual inspection of the boiler and pipework will be performed to make sure that it is properly installed.The experts will inspect your boiler to ensure it is working properly and point out any problems.They will then remove the boiler case to inspect its components. They will inspect the boiler to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

These are the things that an engineer will inspect:

  • Proper gas pressure and flow
  • Flue gas analysis and combustion. To ensure that the boiler is burning the correct mixture of gaseous and air, and that the flue does not become blocked, a flue gas analyser is used.
  • Good condition electrical connections
  • Fans and other key components work efficiently
  • Seals can be kept intact
  • The condition of the electrodes is excellent
  • Safety devices are inspected
  • Condensate trap is open and pipe is unblocked
  • Pipework for water and gas

During their inspections, the specialist will tell you if your boiler is not compliant with safety and building regulations.The specialist should explain any maintenance or repairs they are required to make and that any parts purchased come from a reliable manufacturer, best of all from the boiler manufacturer.

A boiler service should take approximately half an hour. You should also receive a complete report.You should only sign the report if you are satisfied with all aspects of the boiler service.

Boiler service, why is it important?

Boiler maintenance can be neglected and lead to increased fuel costs as the boiler becomes less efficient.There are other serious problems that could arise. A boiler that is not properly serviced can lead to significant damage and even death.

A qualified boiler expert should service your boiler once per year to avoid any potential problems. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly.Regular boiler service contracts are affordable and provide additional peace of mind.

Boilers don’t work as hard in summer so it’s more likely that they will fail in autumn. The weather is cooler and the heating circuits of neglected boilers are brought back to life.
To prepare for winter, it’s a good idea that your boiler is serviced in the spring or summer. Service engineers will be more busy during this time.

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